Policies – General / Academy of Dance


While Harmony School of Creative Arts is a faith-based organization, seeking to honor the Lord Jesus Christ, its admission policy does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, or national or ethnic origin, or religion.

The Board of Directors reserves the freedom to change any program, policy, requirement, or regulation as published.

Harmony School reserves the right to dismiss any student due to lack of interest or progress, frequent absence, frequent tardiness, behavioral problems, delinquency in payment of tuition, or any other failure to abide by policy.


Harmony School reserves the right to cancel classes due to insufficient enrollment.  If a class is canceled, or if the student cannot be placed in an appropriate class or lesson, a refund of all unused tuition will be sent within one month of cancellation.

Any student wishing to withdraw from Harmony must fill out the drop/transfer form and turn it into the office.  All dropped classes must be completed in writing.  Non-attendance is not considered to be an official withdrawl and tuition will still be due.

If you are to miss a class, please contact the teacher or school office 24 hours in advance as a courtesy to the teacher.


Harmony School will cancel lessons and classes when the weather puts students, faculty, or staff at risk.  In general, the school will follow the lead of Marble Falls I.S.D.  A recorded message will be available at 830.693.1791.


For your safety, younger students should be accompanied by an adult when entering or leaving the building.

Students, parents, and personnel must display appropriate conduct in the classrooms, hallways, and outside grounds.  Litter should be properly disposed.  Food and chewing gum are prohibited in the classrooms, and smoking is prohibited inside the building.

Students and families should quietly remain in the waiting area before and after their classes or lessons.


There are no regular classes scheduled for the entire week of Thanksgiving, two weeks during Christmas holidays, and a week for spring break in March. No activities will be scheduled on Labor Day (first Monday in September), Good Friday (prior to Easter Sunday, March or April), or Memorial Day (late May).


Parents of very young students may remain in the classroom for the first class; thereafter, please leave your child to the excellent care of our teachers.

Prospective students may try one class with no obligation.


Basic dancewear is kept in stock for your convenience.  View our Dancewear Pricelist.

Uniform Dress Code

  • All dance classes have a set color code for their leotard (tank or long-sleeve), based on their level of advancement.  (No cutaway, halter, or bike-short styles).
  • No bras showing, no bare midriff.  No jewelry except post earrings.  No shorts, t-shirts, sweaters, skirts or pants in class other than specific to your style of dance.
  • Hair must be in a bun; shorter hair pulled away from face.  Unsecured hair slaps in the eyes and face of the dancer or others.
  • Always wear a cover-up over your leotard before going outside the studio.  Modesty is always the best policy.
  • Follow the dress code policy.  It allows the teacher to see your physical movement and to make corrections where necessary.

Creative Movement:
Lavender TANK Leotard
Pink Tights
Pink Ballet Shoes

Lavender TANK Leotard
Pink Tights
Pink Ballet Shoes

Ballet I – Ballet II:
Navy TANK Leotard
Pink Tights
Pink Ballet Shoes

Ballet III, Pre-Pointe:
Black CAMISOLE Leotard
Pink Tights
Pink Ballet Shoes

Black CAMISOLE Leotard
Pink Tights
Pink Ballet Shoes
Burgundy CAMISOLE Leotard (Optional)

Jazz & Lyrical:
Black TANK leotard,
Black Jazz Pants
Tan Jazz Shoes

Hip Hop:
Black t-shirt
Black Jazz pants
Tennis shoes/socks

Black TANK Leotard
Pink Tights
Black Buckled Tap Shoes
Black Short Skirt is okay, but no pants

  • The universal code of conduct for dance – and proper etiquette – is that you train at one studio only.  This ensures consistent quality of technique and safety of the dancer.  Your teacher will guide you to summer programs or other studios when she/he feels you are ready and will benefit from outside instruction.
  • You are expected to arrive on time for class and stay until class is dismissed.  Teachers carefully plan lessons, and arriving late/leaving early is disruptive to the flow of class, the teachers, and other students.  No partial class is permitted.
  • You are expected to treat all teachers, assistant teachers, fellow students, guest artists, and Harmony staff with respect at all times.
  • Arrive with a positive attitude, ready to focus on being a student, a team member, a performer, and an encouraging audience for your fellow classmates.
  • You are expected to be ready for class in proper uniform, hair secured in bun, water bottle in hand.  Water is the only beverage allowed in the studios.
  • Do not disrupt class.  Raise your hand for any question, listen and observe the teachers’ instructions, learn from watching the other dancers as they attempt a new step or combination, and be aware of any corrections so you can apply them yourself.
  • Our outstanding and dedicated professional instructors are to be treated with the respect due their extensive backgrounds and prestigious experience.
  • Traditionally, the class applauds the teacher at the end of lesson and curtseys or bows before exiting.
  • Regular class attendance is mandatory for progress and improvement.  If you are unable to make a class, please notify your teacher through the front desk.
  • Parents, drop your children off and feel free to wait in the sitting area or observe through the windows.  Family members in the classroom are a distraction to all the students.

Parents will be invited to attend classes and observe progress during Parent Visiting Week, approximately halfway into each semester.


Winter performances of “Fantasy Nutcracker” are held in November or December for the community, featuring students and extras. Students involved must auditions in May for placement and commit to extra rehearsals outside of regular class time.  Costume rental fees apply.

The spring recital, for all students, will be held late in the spring semester.  Costume costs will be kept reasonably low, depending on theme and number of pieces performed.

A non-refundable deposit on the initial $75 recital/costume fee is due in January.

Tryouts for specific production numbers will take into account the commitment level of the student, as well as attendance record and attitude.

(Parent Volunteer

Contributing to student success is the active participation of a parent volunteer group called H.A.P.I (Harmony Active Parents Involved), helping out in various areas throughout the year. Membership is optional, but certainly rewarding. Please complete a Volunteer Form at Registration to let us know what you can help out with.

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