December 2017  
Theater at Harmony

Our Theater Program Launches this Fall!

Update:  First day for Theater program is September 5


Come and join us for a new theatrical journey.  Three distinct classes to choose from:

Theater I (Kids Improv) - perfect for kids 6-10 years old.  Students are introduced to the fundamentals of acting.  Class will utilize theater games, improvisation, pantomime, monologues, and duets.


Theater II (Production) - students 11+ years old.  Explore the fundamentals of acting using voice, mind, and body.  Learn basic theater terminology.  Participate in end-of-term production.


Theater III (Technical Theater) - students 11+ years old.  Designed for students who want to go beyond just acting in front of the stage.  Explore the basics of drama while learning lighting basics, set design, and costuming.


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