June 2018  
Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions - Not All Classes Offered Every Semester

The Academy of Dance offers classes for preschoolers through adult.  Age divisions are general, with specific placement determined by teachers and based on level of advancement.  Students may enroll in “challenge” classes, with permission.


Creative Movement (Ages 3-5+ years)
Designed specifically for the very young, these 45-minute weekly classes develop large and small muscle groups, motor skills, attention span, and creativity in movement.
Creative Ballet/Tap (Ages 3-5 years)-- Combo classes for young beginners, 1 hour weekly.
Toddler Time-  (Ages 12months-3+) A movement class for our youngest students.  Parental involvement is required.


Pre-Ballet I, II (Ages 6-7+ years)
A fun, progressive program that teaches correct classic technique in a light-hearted manner.  This young dancer will be exposed to the building blocks of safe technique, placement, posture, and terminology.  A great start for all children who dream of becoming a ballerina.
Ballet – I,II,III,IV (Ages 8-12+ years)
A classic study developing placement, technique, and the dancer’s creativity, along with continuation of skills developed in Pre-Ballet (prerequisite for younger ages).  The study is based on training in, but not limited to, Royal Ballet, Russian, and Cecchetti styles.
Pre-Pointe (Teacher approval required)
Includes correct application of pointe shoes, care of shoes, and safety.  Work is done to strengthen the feet, knees, proper placement and alignment to allow for easy advancement onto pointe shoes.


Pointe (Teacher approval required, podiatrist X-ray)
Focuses on systematic repetition of exercises at the barre and center to improve strength and agility, in order to master movement.  Includes advanced combinations at both the barre and center to test speed, memory, and overall dance ability.


This dance conditioning class is designed to build cardio stamina and endurance.  Strengthening abdominal and core muscles.  Work their turnout and flexibility with stretching.  It is intended for all dancers regardless of their style of dance.


Open to ages 6 years and up. Jazz dance has been called ‘music made visible in dancers’.  This is a fun and eclectic genre that draws on many other styles in forming its technique and expression.  While it incorporates elements of ballet – such as alignment – it also relies on modern dance and contemporary styles like hip-hop to augment the movement.


Open to ages six and up. This style of dance interprets the emotional expressions of the music.  Therefore, emphasis is placed on the development of dramatic skills, as well as strong technique in ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance techniques.  Perfect class for the young dancer who enjoys the fast pace of jazz, the romance of ballet, and the freedom of modern dance.


Open to ages 6 years and up.  The rhythms and syncopations of the music are beat onto the floor with tap shoes.  Such a fast-paced fun class that it is great exercise for the body and the mind. Strictly an American dance style straight off the streets.  A fun, energetic dance class with safe technical training you  have come to expect from our professionals.


Offered for ages 6 and up.  Often referred to as street dance, this fast-paced, core-based movement is taught with Christian or otherwise decent rap music.  Movement is modest while being edgy and bold.


This 1 1/2 hour class is open to students ages 10-17 years.  Spring Session –  We will be more focused toward the production of a junior musical, usually in partnership with one or more other local organizations.  Dance, drama and vocal coaching.  Parental involvement is required.